Commander Cube

I have made a new Cube. This one is straight up Commander. I’ll be including as many cards from Commander sets as I can, and I will not shy away from using proxies.

You can find a card list here: Cube Tutor


  • Standard Commander rules found Here are in effect.
  • The banned list does not apply, because it’s cube. The banned list is whatever isn’t in the cube.
  • The [Color Identity] rule for deck construction will not be in effect. Instead, you may only include basic lands of your commander’s colors. This rule is to prevent the problem I have come across where a player cannot make a meaningful choice in a draft because all the cards left in a pack are outside their commander’s colors. The restriction on basic lands discourages color splashing in this way, however there are numerous ways within the draft to get around this.
  • Players will begin with a Command Tower and a Sol Ring in their draft pool. These may be proxies with a different art for each one.
  • The draft begins with a Commander Draft. This is a set of 80 cards forming 8 packs of 10 cards which includes Legendary Creatures that can be used as Commanders as well as Conspiracy cards. These are drafted first so that you know what your color identity will be. You will wind up with 10 cards out of this pack, so your options may be numerous. You may also include any cards drafted from this pack in your deck.
  • The main cube itself will be a 750 card cube divided into 99 of each color, 100 multicolor with 10 of each color pair, 55 lands and 100 artifacts. This divides into 50 packs. There will be no 3 or more color cards. Also, there will be no cards that can act as Commanders in this pool of cards. Drafting will consist of 6 packs of 15 cards each. That makes 48 packs around the table. The two additional packs are for Lore Seeker and  Booster Tutor.
  • Once the draft finishes, you’ll have a set of 107 cards, including 15 cards drafted from the Commander pack, a Command Tower and a Sol Ring. You must select a Commander. (There will not be enough Conspiracy cards in the packs to deny any player the opportunity to draft a Commander, though it may be possible that you could do so by choice. Please don’t). Then build a 99 + Commander deck including as many basic lands that match your Commander’s color identity as you like.
  • Scoring is as follows:
    • 1 point per player removed. (Win the game cards remove all other player currently in the game)
    • 2 points if you cause 100 damage in a single turn without going infinite
    • 2 points if you attack with 100 creatures in a single turn without going infinite
    • 2 points if you create 100 mana in a single turn without going infinite
    • 2 points if you mill 100 cards from players libraries without going infinite
    • 2 points if you go infinite



last edit: 2/14/2017

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